Strategic Foresight
Strategic Foresight

Strategic Foresight


Форсайт "Віртуальні активи в Україні — 2030". Підсумковий звіт
Форсайт "Віртуальні активи в Україні — 2030". Підсумковий звіт
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There's an ambitious goal of Ukraine VA market development (top5 market globally, $20B+ by 2030) that might be not achieved due to

  • No clear / recognized pathway, lack of longterm vision and program descriptions
  • Conflict of crypto-anarchy views vs regulation efforts and potential tensions / misalignment
  • Ecosystem depression (post bubble price correlation, close of the blockchain hub, no conferences due to covid, associations have hard times attracting new members)


What is Foresight

Foresight is a systematic, participatory, future-intelligence-gathering and medium-to-long-term vision-building process aimed at enabling present-day decisions and mobilizing joint actions. It can be envisaged as a triangle combining “Thinking the Future”, “Debating the Future” and “Shaping the Future”.

Foresight is neither prophecy nor prediction. It does not aim to predict the future – to unveil it as if it were predetermined – but to help us build it. It invites us to consider the future as something that we can create or shape, rather than as something already decided.


Foresight enhances existing policy and planning methods:

  • by broadening our horizon;
  • by opening up space for other stakeholders in the future and
  • by offering a platform to start negotiating values, perspectives and vested interests right from the beginning of our response to or initiation of change.

Why foresight?

The four major areas where foresight can make an important contribution to the work of public bureaucracies:

Alignment of Development Visions

Foresight provides mechanisms, processes and methods for the kind of engagement that development visioning requires and citizens demand

Anticipatory Governance and Strategic Management

Foresight enables governments to anticipate some of these emerging trends and to evaluate the implications and impact of their policies under different circumstances. By doing so, foresight helps leaders make better decisions and regain a sense of direction over the future of their nation.

Resilient Policy Planning

Foresight is emerging as one of the approaches to infuse classical policy planning with a manageable dose of uncertainty and unpredictability.

Policy and Public Services Innovation

Recently, foresight has been coupled with a new wave of technological, social and public innovation, creating an electrifying new field of application.

UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence promotes the use of foresight by government in developing countries.


Co-create the inspiring vision for coordinated market development across all ecosystem stakeholders with the next outcomes:

  • the majority sees and agrees with potential forecasts (pessimistic to optimistic)
  • the majority sees own role in the development
  • the majority is seeing value in coordinated actions
  • open report is available for everyone interested