The space of blockchain products is developing at the rapid pace. Though some factors are holding us back, like:

  • decreased business activity due to covid
  • lagging product expertise, especially in the edge of Decentralized Finance
  • developing local ecosystems (lack of local funds, incubators, schools etc)


To be the foremost driver that pioneers the latest technological breakthroughs to propel our society toward the perfect blend of science and art.


To leverage the latest in computer science and the expertise of invaluable thinkers and doers to make technology widely accessible and usable by all.


This is an unique opportunity to support and boost founders, teams & products from the region to the global funds, markets and media.

  • Ukraine is #1 in the world by adoption (Chainalysis, 2020)
  • 200k+ it specialists in total (ain, 2019)
  • 500+ active engineers with blockchain skills in the community (Blockchain ua)
  • 40+ crypto related projects were looking for funding in 2020 (Ukraine Startup Fund)


Improve product/market fit

Attract funding

Increase publicity

Find teammates and advisors


Attract best engineering talent

Prescreened innovation opportunities

Ecosystem development through new products and DevXP


Bring ideas to life

Find advisor opportunities

Get recognition and visibility

Extend the network with new people

Buidl Labs

We're inviting all engineers working in the field of blockchain and virtual assets to join and co-create with us this program. It will include

  • Individual checkups on the status and needs
  • Collaborative sessions to brainstorm, get feedback and help from specialists from leading firms
  • Tailored online workshops on problem research, design thinking and ideas crash tests
  • Knowledge base, multichannel chats and regular updates
  • Matchmaking with global investors and partners
  • No equity obligations, participate at the level you like

This is an MVP of the incubation program to evaluate and extend in the future. Next steps will include wider participation from the CIS region, organization of the legal sandbox and funds distribution model from the DAO space (Metacartel as an example). This incubation is a part of VA2030 – market development program connecting all stakeholders across the public and the private sector.